10 Best Ways to Invite Friends to Yerdle

saved by the bell Sharing Yerdle with friends is like giving then an awesome present. Not only are you gifting them up an extra $10 Yerdle Dollars when they sign up, but more importantly, you're giving them a whole new way to turn their idle items into treasures they'll love.

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Here's where to Invite Friends in the app:

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Ready to get started? Here are the 10 best ways to invite friends to Yerdle:


1. Make it Personal - tell a story!

Whenever you share your Referral Link with anyone, it's important to add your own story about why you love Yerdle. How has it helped you? What have you gotten? What have you decluttered? Why do you think they would find it useful? Personal stories are incredibly powerful. So don't be shy, this is your moment to #yerdlebrag and tell the world why its awesome!

2. Facebook Post + Tag Friends

Paste your Referral Link on your Facebook wall with a story about why you love it. As soon as its posted, tag friends in the comment field below. The more friends you tag, the more friends will see it and respond. Then Facebook will show your post to more people, increasing the chance that your friends see it and can give yerdle a try.

3. Text it to Friends 

Go to your text messages in your phone and type a quick message to the friends you've been texting with recently. "Have you tried Yerdle yet? They just launched on Android and I bet you'll love it! You'll get an extra $10 Yerdle Dollars if you sign up with my link." You can copy the message and send it to as many people as you want. Works great with Facebook Mess

4. Email Signature

You can add your Referral Link to your personal email signature. This means that it will always appear in the bottom of your emails, and that anyone you email with will see it. You'd be surprised how many referrals you can earn through this "set it and forget it" method!

5. In-Person!

The good old-fashioned way. Tell your friends, co-workers, neighbors, crazy uncles, etc about Yerdle in person. If they seem interested, pull out your phone and text them your Referral Link. You can help them sign up on the spot!

5. Tweet It

If you have a twitter following, tweeting your Referral Link every few weeks is a great idea. You can do it directly from the app, or from yerdle.com/referrals

6. Instagram It or Pin It

You can post an image to your Instagram followers or pin one to your favorite pin board on Pinterest, with your Referral Link on the image or in the description/comments below. You can use https://imgflip.com/memegenerator to make a fun image!

7. Post in a Local Facebook Group 

There are lots of Facebook groups in your community: ones for new parents, garage sales, swapping clothes, etc (you can find them by searching, for example, "city name + garage sale"). Most of these folks haven't heard about Yerdle yet, but would love it and find it really useful. By sharing your own story about why/how Yerdle has helped you, you'll often get lots of folks using your Referral Link to sign up. Make sure to add a disclaimer that if your post is against the group rules, for the moderator to delete it. It's not cool to post against group rule.

8. Email a List Serve

If you belong to a list serve, Google Group, Yahoo Group or other email community, you can invite the group to try Yerdle with your Referral Link. Again, it's incredibly important to make the email a story about how you personally use Yerdle, and why they might be interested.

9. Make a Flyer

If you've got the gumption, making a home-made flyer and posting it at work, in your neighborhood, or near local bars and restaurants can be a fun way to get the word out and get some referrals.

10. Your own personal Yerdle Cards

Printing out home-made business cards on regular paper that you can hand out to friends and strangers is another easy way to spread the word about Yerdle. It gives you something to talk about and makes sure your friend has your Referral Link for later.