100 Jackets Yerdled for a Coat Drive this Winter

We have seen some inspiring stories come from our community - tales of all out giving efforts inspired by an altruistic desire to reach out to just a couple of people through Yerdle. Charles Hastings was one such man (read his story here). He was able to successfully supply a classroom with musical instruments by reaching out to the community and asking for help. Recently, we received word that Leah Willoughby (a yerdler from Ohio) did something in a similar vein: She yerdled over 100 coats on Yerdle for her annual coat drive!

This is what 100 yerdled coats looks like.


Her reasoning is simple and yet profound - “Every person has struggles and obstacles, but honestly, if you don't have a coat in the winter, if you can't be warm, how can you face anything else?”

Leah started her coat drive just three years ago, and what inspired her to make it happen was a simple reaction - during a particularly chilly winter morning, she passed by two people who were not wearing coats:

“ I thought: why in the world do I have more coats in my closets? Coats I am keeping ‘in case I need them’ are needed RIGHT NOW. This led to asking my friends for their extra coats and ultimately turning the idea into a coat drive.”

Leah joined Yerdle in April of this year and quickly became a Pro Yerdler. As the time approached, she began rallying efforts of fellow Pros who pitched in with donations.

“This year, with the help of Yerdle, it has been my most successful drive. I was able to donate over 100 coats. Yerdle helped me in two ways: first the amazing Pros quickly embraced my cause and donated coats to me for minimum credits. Second, the Yerdle platform allowed me to trade things I didn't need, other than coats, for much needed winter coats.

I truly hate being cold, and so I hate to see anyone else cold. As long as I have the means and the generosity of my community, both here and on yerdle, I'll collect as many coats as I can.”

Thank you Leah for your generosity and warmth, both literally and figuratively speaking.


We are so inspired by efforts like these, we're working with some Pro Yerdlers to help make it even easier for the entire community to support initiatives like this kind. Leah is part of the volunteer group currently developing a "Yerdle Fund". The Yerdle Fund will be a pool of donated credits that the community will collectively decide how to use! Stay tuned for more ways to get involved in 2015.