12 Reasons to Unshop

In the last 6 weeks, more than 1,200 people have taken the Unshopping Challenge to not buy anything new for 30 days and change their relationship to stuff. Their reasons inspire us! Here are just a few:

I'm taking the Unshopping Challenge because...

"I hate waste and unnecessary stuff, but I've never tried to see if I can make it for 30 days without shopping for anything new." - Chia-ling Yu, Chicago, IL


"I’m taking the challenge because I like to recycle and now it's not just cans, bottles or paper!" - Shayna Sharpe, Mosheim, TN


"I am on the verge of a hoarder, it's a serious issue. I'm very worried about it! Taking a challenge like this is a great way to motivate me to get rid of things, while also not allowing myself to buy new things unnecessarily. If it's a challenge then I have to do whatever I can to not let it 'beat' me! Time to declutter and enjoy my free time." - Kathryn Thibodeau, Jacksonville FL


"I already prefer to reuse and thrift rather than buy something new. What's good for the environment also happens to be good for the wallet." - Chelsea Ormon, New Orleans, LA


"I want to lead a life with less stuff and more memories." - Rachel Jacobs Greensboro NC


"I always buy unnecessary things, especially when things are on sale. Because of this, I have way too much "stuff"." - `Sheri Lovejoy, Huntersville, NC


"I don't need anything new and I really need to stop spending money on junk." - Emily Kruithoff, Las Vegas, NV


"I am appalled at the amount of "stuff" in everyone's garage, house, life, including mine although I get a lot of my stuff used. There's just too much stuff." - Connie Farris Merced, CA


"I am taking this challenge because I believe that the consumerism in this country needs to change. I believe that by going 30 days in not buying anything new, I will set up a lifetime habit of doing so."  - Hannah Mullen, Walpole, MA


"I need to simplify my material life. Knowing my items are going to new, loving homes makes getting rid of things I love easier for me." - Zoe Skibbe, Contoocook, NH


"I am taking the challenge to declutter, simplify my life, save money, and help our community and our planet by recycling goods instead of throwing them away or purchasing new ones." - Sondra Harahan, Greensboro, NC


"To change the world." - Jessica Pierce, St. Louis, MO