14 Signs Your Cat is Falling for Yerdle

It's a tale as old as time -- cat meets app, app is catnip irresistible, the rest is frisky history. If your furry friend is showing any of these signs, they're falling for Yerdle, and hey feline, the feeling is mutual!

1. They have a "YERDLE TIME" look.

It's the feline "Blue Steel" and it's nothing like "Magnum."

2. They're purrsonal "gives" trackers.

3. They keep close watch on what’s trending and pounce on great finds.

"Phone? What phone? I don't have your phone."

"Phone? What phone? I don't have your phone."

4. They strike a pose for the UPS man.

I always sit like this.

I always sit like this.

5. They police [paw-lees] shipping activities, preventing late packages.

6. They're on the prowl for good books to yerdle.

7. They keep their person's favorite Yerdling spot warm.

Yup. This feels just right.

Yup. This feels just right.

8. They train tirelessly to rule the Yerdleverse.

9. They’ll take any chance to show their #YerdleCat appeal.

10. They "discreetly" drop hints about who should get the next Yerdle.

"Did you say Yerdle?"

11. They make sure it’s known an item came from a pet-friendly home.

Nothing is complete without cat hair. 

12. They know the importance of stretching before a long Yerdling sesh. 

13. They dream of Yerdle wins.

14. They don't handle it well if a package is not for them.

"I could have sworn I saw my name on here somewhere."

Compiled with the help of the Yerdle community. The cats, the owners, and the love for Yerdling, are real. Stay tuned for more #YerdlePet tales.