2016 Yerdle Award Contenders

Nominees Masthead.png

Without further ado, we present this year's Yerdle Awards contenders! Keep in mind there is still a whole week left in award season, so anyone could steal the show.

Best Giver - Each of these members has sent more than 80 items they no longer want to new homes in February! Can you top that?

  • Cheryl A. - 349 items shipped
  • Patricia W. - 227 items shipped
  • Jessica H. - 88 items shipped
  • Christina W. - 88 items shipped
  • Heather G. - 88 items shipped

Best Shopper - HANG TIGHT! This cliff hanger is killing us too, but isn't it fun?! Keep claiming through next Wednesday. YOU COULD BE THE BEST SHOPPER IN 2016!

Best Friend - These members have each invited on average 3 friends every day in February. Who do you know that would love Yerdle?

  • Laura B.
  • Connie C.
  • Toni H.
  • Gary M.
  • Krista C.

Best Supporting Member - These Yerdle members were nominated by their peers for are always lending a helping hand.

  • Kathleen B.
  • Christy F.
  • Jeff M.
  • Charles H.
  • Eve H.

Most Spirited - These members were nominated by the community for embodying the Yerdle spirit.

  • Rosie W.
  • Sara D.
  • Melissa S.
  • Sarrah R.
  • Stephanie A.

Socialista - These leading ladies and gentlemen were selected by the community for sharing their stories on social media.

  • Kathy T.
  • Brandy V.
  • Kristen F.
  • Joann A.
  • Alex C.

Loyalist - These ladies visit Yerdle on average more than 50 times a day! Yowzers!

  • Wendy R.
  • Marlenne A.
  • Maryluz N.
  • Lindsay A.
  • Deneen S.

Newbie - These newbies have already given, gotten, and invited a whole bunch in their first month, combined more than 30 each since the start of February.

  • Christina W.
  • Brandy H.
  • Lindsay C.
  • Danielle W.
  • Dana J.

Day Breaker - We're keeping this category a secret until next week! Keep those daily giving, getting, and sharing averages high!!

If you know and want your name to be up here go all out this weekend! Anything can happen from now until Thursday 2/25 when the winners are announced!