210 Days of Sold Out Items - Time for Something New

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7 months ago we started sending out a daily selection of free items on yerdle. Most people at that time still thought yerdle was unrealistic. They told us that it would never work. We decided to feature items that our community was posting in a daily email to our members.

And something magical happened. Nearly every item, every day, would be won within minutes of being sent. The yerdle daily email has helped prove that getting things for free on yerdle can easily replace 25% of the things that we're all buying new today.

Since we launched the yerdle Daily, over 6,000 items found new homes through the email. That's 6,000 items that don't need to be bought, don't need to be manufactured, don't need to be packaged.

Today thousands and thousands of items are exchanged every week on the yerdle app and website. And while the yerdle Daily email has played its part, it's time for something new to emerge. The last thing we want to do is send you too many emails.

So we're pausing our daily email as we prepare for a major new launch of the yerdle app.

We'd love to hear your story if you won one of the 6,000 items from the yerdle daily email. And if you have any ideas for what should come next, we'd love to hear that too.


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