3 Reasons to Make Second-Hand Your First Choice this Earth Day

There are oodles of reasons to shop second-hand, the biggest of which is often saving money. Whether you prefer to think of items as used or pre-loved, items that have had a life before you, typically cost less than half their original value!

The three reasons below, make second-hand awesome, not just for your wallet, but for the planet.

  1. Second-hand items are higher quality. These items have been road tested, worn, and washed and have made it to this point without wearing out. Since they have already stood the test of time and use, you know you're buying an item that will last and you won't have to add to the landfill any time soon.
  2. Second-hand items connect you to your community. We're all in this together and there's no stronger way for us to live this value than sharing the things we no longer use with each other. It's satisfying to know our things will live their full life in a new home and that those items come from your town or across the country rather than contribute to transportation pollution coming from another continent.
  3. Second-hand items remind us new isn't necessary. Let's be honest, new isn't necessary most of the time and doesn't add that much value to the experience we have with our things. Second-hand items minimize the use of unnecessary energy and byproducts of creating new materials and the Earth thanks us for this.

Spread the word about why you love buying second-hand and get your friends and family to join you as we celebrate the planet.

Happy Earth Day!