3 Ways Your Bike Can Help You Live Small

woman riding bike Bikes are awesome, and they often pop up on yerdle for $0! If you don't have a two-wheeled steed to call your own, here are some good reasons

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to think about getting one. In a world that's choking on automobile traffic and air pollution, a bicycle is--literally--a breath of fresh air. Instead of running on climate-changing fossil

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fuels, a bike needs nothing but full tires and human energy. If you're looking to downsize and simplify, swapping your car for a bike is a great way to start. Here are three important reasons to think about sharing your way to

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a car-free life. 1. Zero-Emissions According to the most recent EPA stats, a single personal vehicle belches 5.1 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. Commuting on your bike instead of driving produces absolutely no carbon dioxide emissions. It also allows you to be more nimble, by-passing traffic and often finding free, convenient parking right outside the door of your destination. 2. Reduced Carrying Capacity When you trade in your cavernous car for the sleek steel of a bicycle, there's no denying that you lose 99% of your trunk space. But all of that room was only weighing you down and costing you money anyway. When a bike is your main mode of transportation, purchases must be made with care, because it's not easy to haul a bunch of junk home on a bike. Bike commuters learn how to travel light, which usually results in fewer unnecessary material possessions. 3. Living Locally How many of you struggle to choose local stores and service providers over the national brands? Shopping locally does wonders for the community, and can often save you money. When you rely on a bike to get around, your immediate shopping radius shrinks dramatically. This pushes us to find local stores, restaurants, and companies that are more convenient, and helps us to rediscover treasures right in our own neighborhood. Need more convincing? Check out the infographic below: biking-and-health-infographic Image: ejchang Infographic: HealthcareManagementDegree.com