30 days. No new things. Unshop.


We invite you to forgo buying new things for 30 days, starting now!

You'll unclutter your life, save money, and create less waste.

  1. To get started, go through your stuff and find what you no longer need.
  2. When you're ready to part ways with your things, take pictures, and post them on Yerdle. Before long, your forgotten treasures will be off to new homes!
  3. For every item you post, you'll earn Yerdle dollars to put towards exciting "new-to-you" items from other Yerdlers.

What about food and other non-reusable things? The goal of the challenge is to give you a taste of the freedom you receive from letting go of things you no longer need. Better yet, you get the awesome experience of bringing joy into other people's lives with your things. Food, medicine, and dog treats get a hall pass.

As if you needed more reasons to join our tribe of unshoppers, we shower you with perks:

  • Shipping refund on 1 item bought within your first week
  • Get exclusive Yerdle dollar bonuses
  • Earn a badge on your Yerdle profile
  • Join the unshopping community on Facebook

Here are a few ideas of things to Yerdle. Let those unshopping vibes flow!

  • Electronics (Phones, chargers, iPods, Nooks, you name it! Just be sure to deactivate it.)
  • Outdoor, travel, adventure gear – Post items for camping, surfing, hiking, sightseeing, and more.
  • Fun home decor, organizing, and storage help.
  • Women’s and men’s clothes, shoes, and accessories! (Take a gander in your closet and pick out gently worn items that could still add pizzaz to someone’s look.)
  • Baby and kids clothes, shoes, toys galore!
  • Arts and crafts supplies (We’re all about DIY!)
  • Unique gifts – birthdays, Mother’s Day, white elephant gifts – go wide, weird, and fun

A month ago 200 Yerdlers took the plunge and we were blown away! This is what they have to say.