30 Days of #YerdleLove

Holiday Advent Reveal 2.png

Sure, there’s a lot to love about the holiday season. But the very best thing about the holidays is how they feel: surprise over a great gift, love for your community, friends and family, joy at the first snowfall, generosity -- well, that one makes the world go ‘round.

Introducing 30 days of #YerdleLove. Each week, daily acts of #YerdleLove will be revealed! From granting wishes to sharing Yerdlish ideas to surprise posting parties...we’ll deliver the holiday feelings and of course, offer lots of prizes.

Yerdle Vocabulary Key

  • #YerdleLove Acts: We want to spread the spirit of the holidays through acts of kindness within the Yerdle community and in your communities. Every week we'll reveal new acts to inspire you.
  • Wishes: The wishes you see listed are items people on Yerdle are asking for. If you have any in your home which are not being used, give them a second home, post them on Yerdle.
  • Sugar Rush: Surprise posting parties during which you receive an extra treat for participating. Sugar Rush is announced via push notifications on iOS and Android. Be sure to opt-in to be part of the fun!
  • Popcorn: Surprise 'Invite Friends' parties in which you receive extra bonuses for recruiting folks to sign up for Yerdle. Popcorn is announced via email and push notifications — keep inviting friends to get the updates.