5 Voices From Our Community Members

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Yerdle means something slightly different to each and every one of our members -- from how they became a part of the community, to how Yerdle played a role in a special occasion.

Below we’ve highlighted 5 voices from our community; each voice tells a story of how giving can have a positive impact on the life of another person.

“I'm loving Yerdle more and more. I've been a member for over a year now. Yerdle has changed my life especially in a time when money was tight. One of the first things I got was an electric breast pump that was basically brand new. I actually got it to gift to my sister, (as a new mom and heading back to work) she really needed it. I was glad to help her cut down on baby expenses. After that amazing experience,  Yerdle truly won my heart. I'm glad I have found a great place to trade useful items."  - Lilian M., Long Beach, CA

"I'm Kara and I'm 15 years old. I started using Yerdle because my dad just died from cancer and left me nothing. So I started selling stuff in order to get money for college and to make others happy." - Kara S., Pittsford, NY

"I recently responded to a fellow Yerdler's 'In Search Of' post in the Facebook group. When she sent me a private message to coordinate, we discovered that not only are we from the same hometown (even though I live across the country now), but also the same tiny community within that town. Small world.
Thanks, Yerdle, for giving me that connection today!" - Heather B., Lakewood, CO

" I joined Yerdle after my husband was laid off. We have a 3 year old daughter and she needed so many things that we couldn't afford. Finding Yerdle was a huge help because we were able to find clothes and toys for our daughter. Yerdle deserves all the blessings."  - Angel R., Marysville, CA

"Yerdle is Awesome.  I enjoy people and I enjoy making people happy.  I love it when I give things and I get a little note that says I just made their day.  I am not looking to try to see if I can get an over abundance of Yerdle dollars.  I just want to give to people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford things. I also had a very nice experience! I ordered a bundle from a lady who kept her items at an affordable price for anyone.  She made me the happiest person! I am on disability and can't afford much.  For the past 2 winters I haven't had any boots.  I just couldn't afford them.  I live in Michigan and you never know about the weather.  So anyways, I received boots that looked brand new and fit perfectly.  Also a beautiful pink purse that included the wallet, and a  few different jewelry items that included a watch.  Every time I go out I always get compliments on my purse and watch.  She only asked a minimum price for these items.  Thank you Yerdle!  Thank you to that special person she was a sweetheart!" - Barbara D., Belleville, MI

You never know how the item you’re giving can impact a fellow member. Do you have a story or tips to help new Yerdle members?