7 Steps to a Stuff-Free, Greener Living

unicorn toxins in the home

unicorn toxins in the home It really is easy being green (sorry, Kermie!), especially with these great tips from our Stuff-Free Diet.

You don't want to be responsible for dead unicorns do you? Well, then don't have anything under your sink you cannot drink!

Pass on Plastic

choose glass over plastic

Buy in bulk, with glass containers in your home to store it. You'll reduce the packaging for your purchases and save money. Abolish plastic water bottles from your life.

Kill the Vampire Power

vampire power

Use a power strip. It'll keep all your cords neatly in one place, and let you just flip a single switch when you go to sleep or leave the house to prevent 'vampire' energy from being consumed.

Use Reusable Bags

reusable bags

Plastic bags pollute the planet and clutter our lives. Owning a reuseable bag is one of the easiest ways to go on a Stuff Diet. But they only work if you remember to use them! Make it easy by keeping one in your car and one in your day bag. Visit www.MyPlasticFreeLife.com for more tips on reducing plastic use.

Go Coal Free

coal free money De-carbonize your accounts. Don't let the dirty fossil fuel industry run amok with your money in 2013. Clean up your finances by moving your money to socially and environmentally responsible banks and businesses.

Workout Naked (Or Kinda Naked)

workout in your undies It's not appropriate at the gym, but in the privacy of your own home, working out in your tighty-whities can save you money on electricity, water, and detergent (and that gym membership you rarely use). When working out at home, just strip down, grab some weights, put on

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an exercise DVD or some awesome dance music and get moving! Then, wash your sweaty skivvies in the shower with you, and hang them to dry. Or hang them near the water heater to make use of that otherwise wasted heat.

Keep Only What You Need

keep what you need

There are things we think we can't live without-like plastic-but it's time to think again. Go through a closet (or two, or three) and ask yourself when the last time you used each item was. If you're not using it, you could make someone else's day with it!