A Community for Love

On June 26, 2015 love won. In the Yerdle community, we celebrated the moment by sharing the love in our lives on social media, and now we want to share it with the world. Congratulations, America, this was a magnificent victory -- all love is equal and its acknowledgement is impacting many lives for the better. Pro Yerdler Caryn tells us what the Supreme Court's decision meant to her and her family.

I wasn't expecting the Supreme Court decision until the following week, so when I got a text message from my mom early in the morning letting me know, it was almost a let down!  I hadn't gotten all geared up for it.  I immediately ran to tell my wife, but then we just went on with our day. In some ways it seemed inevitable, though also pretty incredible.
The journey from the disheartening news that Prop 8 had passed in California (despite Obama winning) to the Supreme Court decision was hard emotionally, but we just continued to live our lives.  We had a big fancy wedding in 2010, registered as domestic partners, had a son in 2012.  
On a personal level, the big decision was in 2013 when Prop 8 was struck down.  We then got married "officially" in 2014.  I think the ruling will be important for our son.  More minds will change and the world will be an even different place when he's old enough to understand. It has already changed so much in the last 10 years, and it feels good to know he'll grow up in a world in which our family is recognized by the highest court of the land.
I'm a lawyer, and so for me, I think it was most momentous on a social justice/legal level.  We popped some bubbly, but otherwise, we'll just celebrate by continuing to enjoy our lives and our family and raise our son with the values of social justice and tikkun olam (a Jewish concept that reflects everyone's duty to repair the world).

- Caryn B.