A Yerdle Story: A Hand to Hold During Difficult Times

Cheryl A. from Ohio, has a refreshing perspective on how to give compassionately and she even shares a few tips for new members. Here’s Cheryl’s story:

“The reason I really love Yerdle is because it helps everyone. We are connected to others and able to help them in a way that nothing else can.

Where else can you go to find out what a person is searching for and then be able to get it to them via an answered wish or in the ISO (in search of post)  thread?

For me personally, Yerdle has been a hand to hold on to.

I have a neck injury and I take pain meds 4 times a day, making it impossible to drive. My escape while going through this, has been connecting with other Yerdlers.

Being Happy With Less

I was a collector of things most of my life and I have loved all of the trinkets and goodies I found along the way.

But there comes a point in life when you know it’s time to let someone else enjoy your things. I found that the memories attached to these trinkets simply don’t apply to me anymore.

It’s like when you’re a teen and experience a growth spurt. The shoes are too small because part of me has grown.

Giving things on Yerdle has enabled me to grow and be happy with less.

My Favorite Yerdle Find

My favorite thing I have received from Yerdle is a sterling silver bracelet that I used as a base for a piece of fused glass I’ve had for years.

My glass creation sat in a box until I got the bracelet.

4 Quick Tips for New Yerdlers

1. The best tip I can give to a new Yerdler is, you need to be at peace with the things you are giving.

2. As for getting things, save up your Yerdle Dollars.  I watched things pass me by because I did not have enough Yerdles dollars to get it.  

3. Compassion is needed too because you don’t always know why a person is giving things. Many are giving things that once belonged to family members who are no longer here.

4. Someone wants and needs what you have and Yerdle is the best way to give and get just about everything.”

You never know how the item you’re giving can impact a fellow Yerdler. Do you have a story or tips to help new Yerdlers?