A Little Green Touch Brings Big Joy

One of the most amazing things about Yerdle are the unique finds. What's even better are the custom-made items that are truly one-of-a-kind. There's something extra special about knowing that a person put a little TLC into your item. Pro Yerdler Charles exemplifies the spirit of creative giving with his home-grown succulents. Here's his story. 

I have always loved coming home and spending time in my yard, planting and seeing my succulents grow, flower, and bring happiness to our home. Over the years, my family and friends would tell me how much they have enjoyed the ones that I have shared with them, so I thought that it would also be great to share some succulents and air plants with the Yerdle community. 
I have been using Yerdle for nearly two years, and when I started to make custom succulent listings, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the listings would sell, and I really enjoyed hearing the kind feedback from those who would receive my succulents.  Bringing a little green to a person’s home seemed to provide so much enjoyment. Many have contacted me and have told me that the succulents are often the topic of conversation when they have guests. Just knowing that I have been able to share my love of succulents and spark an interest in growing them has brought me a considerable amount of joy.
I started growing succulents when I was in my teens, and slowly started seeking out really unique species, realizing that there are hundreds of varieties, many of which have reminded me of something from the imagination of Dr.Suess. Some of the flowers that would appear at various times of the year were also a treat to see and enjoy. Initially, my succulents took up very little space, small pots on my patio, and on my balcony. Over time, my pots started getting larger, and more space around my yard was used for growing them. Now, my backyard is filled with various types of succulents, some have been planted directly in the ground and others in pots and hanging baskets. My current favorite is a succulent wreath that I started growing a little more than a year ago. The moss wreath was actually something that I won on Yerdle last year, and I have been slowly adding succulents to it every month. 
Wreath won of Yerdle

Wreath won of Yerdle

Wreath with succulents

Wreath with succulents

I often get asked as to how I package my succulents and safely ship them. Well, it took a good deal of thought and planning. I have had great success using plastic two liter soda bottles. I cut them in half, add the succulents, along with soil in the bottom bottle, use plastic wrap and tape to secure the succulents inside of the bottle, and then tape the two bottle pieces together. In fact, Yerdle asked me to show an example of how I package my succulents step by step last May. Here is a link to that blog

One of the best things to consider is that you do not need to have a green thumb to grow succulents. You can even ignore them for days on end without watering them, as they are very drought resistant plants, and do not need constant attention. They retain moisture in their leaves, and can tolerate considerable temperature changes. They often do not take up much room in your garden, and you will find that they are not only pretty tough and resilient plants, but also beautiful and unique creations of nature. 

Please enjoy some pictures from my succulent garden. I hope you also take the time to learn more about succulents and start your own succulent arrangements. If you put in a wish on Yerdle, you might also be able to win one of my succulent listings someday soon. 
- Charles H.

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