Take the Declutter Challenge

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Week 1 winners: 

Kristin K., Lynette H., Diane T., Jade T., Ahhdreeahhahh K.

THE CHALLENGE With the new year upon us, you deserve to have a fresh start and what better way to kick off a new you than with a clean house?

Consider this: the average American household holds a whopping 300,000 items. And a majority of those items aren’t used daily or even monthly.

Let’s put those idle items to use by freeing your closets and drawers and finding new homes for gently used goods. This month, we’re challenging you to join other Yerdlers in saving 100K pounds of quality household goods from going into the landfill.

How much will you pledge to save? Considering the average Yerdle is 5lbs, you can promise yourself to save 50, 100 or even 200 lbs from ending up in the trash. That’s 10, 20 or 40 items you can post on Yerdle.



The challenge starts today Sunday January 4th, and ends Saturday, January 31, but you can start at any time in that timeframe.

We know this challenge can be daunting and that’s why we’re breaking it down into chunks. Every day of the week, we’ll suggest items for you to post for various areas of your home, including the bedroom, living room, kitchen, garage and more.

Download our printable calendar here Declutter Challenge Calendar

WEEK 1: The Bedroom

Week 1 starts Sunday, January 4 with your bedroom. How many of you hide your clutter in your bedroom when guests come over? C’mon, don’t be shy and raise your hand. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary – your gateway to relaxation. Yet, piles of clothes, or even toys, can litter the tops of your drawers, bed, and floor.

  • Sunday: Sunday Best: Post your Sunday Best: suits, dresses, skirts, nice slacks.
  • Monday: Monsters Lurking B’neath Your Bed: Monsters lurking under your bed? Nope, just future Yerdles!
  • Tuesday: Shoesday: Haven’t worn those heels in a year? Find them a new home!
  • Wednesday: Toy Chest - kids toys, nursery items, clothes. There’s lot of treasures to be shared in your kids’ toy chest.
  • Thursday: Nightstand - books, clocks, etc. Today’s item of the day comes from your nightstand: clock radios, e-book readers, and great reads.
  • Friday: Casual Friday - comfy clothes. Post gently used slippers, robes, PJs, yoga pants.
  • Saturday: Sweater Saturday: It’s cold outside! Share the warmth.

Here’s how it works: — Post today 1/4 at 9:00AM PST - Saturday 1/10. For every item you post this week (that is shipped by Saturday 1/17) you’ll be entered to win $50 towards shipping of future yerdles in the month of February. — The more you post the more chances you have to win. There will be two winners each week. — For every item that you post AND is won, enters you into a random drawing for a chance to win $50 towards shipping. — Winners will be emailed each week and this blog post will be updated.



TIPS FOR GETTING STARTED Step 1: Believe! It’s amazing how many of us hold on to things for nostalgic reasons. Or sometimes you can’t declutter because the amount of things you have to sort through feels overwhelming. Well, we believe in you. You got this!

Step 2: Evaluate As you go through the areas of your home, ask yourself: When was the last time I used this? - Does it work? Can it be repaired and used again? - Do I like it? - Do I have more than one? Do I need more than one of these? - Is this something I can borrow instead? - If I keep it, where will it be stored?

Step 3: Stay on Top of It Consider developing new habits around storage and organization around the house. Re-use items like mason jars to organize your makeup brushes, or salvage a ladder to hold and display magazines.