A Yerdle Story: From Pageant to Princess

Jaci, a Pro Yerdler in Maine near the Canadian border, has a family of pageant contestants. Last year, she decided to give away her pageant items. She says, "Went through my 80% of my daughter's clothes yesterday! OMG, filled 2 shopping bags full of stuff to Yerdle, just outgrown things JEESH! My daughter has agreed that it is time to weed through the pageant gear!!!" 

Those items caught the attention of Sacha in South Carolina. She claimed this gorgeous blue pageant gown and gave it to her daughter. The story unfolds. Sacha says, "I got this dress from a fellow Yerdle member and it will forever be my favorite item. My daughter felt like a princess and wore this dress to her first ever all-girl birthday party. She was so excited about the dress that she slept in it that night because she didn't want to take it off. I am forever grateful for Jaci for passing this dress on to me so my kid can be a princess."

From Maine to South Carolina, from pageants to princesses, Yerdle makes dreams come true every day. Do you have a story to share?