A Reason for Reuse: How Giving Has Changed Lives and Affected the World

Yerdle's mission is to reduce the number of new things we all have to buy by 25%.

Reuse is one of the most effective ways you can save natural resources and money, all while protecting the environment.

Our incredibly inspiring members have helped us reach quite a few milestones as it relates to reduction and reuse.

The Yerdle community has achieved some impressive milestones by reusing more than 1,000,000 items:

  • 500,000 solid pounds of waste have been diverted from landfills. 500,000 pounds is the equivalent weight of a 737 Aircraft.
  • 2.5 million pounds of CO2 saved. This saves 1,210,225 pounds of coal - 1.21 pounds of coal is saved per every 1 item shared. 
  • $25 million in financial savings by not buying new. This could pay for 1 year of 10,000 children's healthcare costs. 
  • 350 million gallons of drinking water saved. This is equivalent to 1 week of clean water for San Francisco.
  • 3.8 billion pounds of post-consumer textiles waste is recycled every year, but this only accounts for 15% of all post-consumer textile waste - leaving 85% in our landfills.
  • The average US citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles annually.
  • Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills each year.

Today, we are celebrating reuse by honoring a few of our members who have given a monumental number of items.

Kathy S. from Meadows Place, TX has been Yerdling since 2014 and has sent over 2,500 items to new homes. She states that there are many great reasons to Yerdle - to save money, save space, and to save the earth. She loves getting crafty with birdhouses, using craft supplies and miniatures to make the birdhouses new again. 

By promoting the reuse of her items, Kathy alone has kept 1,250 pounds of clothing out of the landfill.

Patricia W. from San Diego, CA has been an active Yerdle member since 2015 and has found new homes for over 1,200 items. Not only has she found new homes for her items, but she makes a home for other members' items. 

Through the sharing of her unused clothes, Patricia has saved 420,000 gallons of water.

Melanie M. from Stow, OH and is an active member of Yerdle and our Yerdle community on Facebook. She has found new homes for over 1,600 items, and continues to help Yerdle reach it's mission and make the Earth a better place.

Melanie's generosity has helped people save about $40,000 by not buying new from stores.