A Yerdle Story: Conquering My Clutter

Michelle C. from Kentucky, shares an introspective story about how Yerdle helped her declutter and tidy her home. Here’s Michelle’s story:

“The first time I heard about Yerdle was through a coupon blog. It sparked my interest and I downloaded the app.

I've always liked stuff. Having stuff. Buying stuff.

I started to fill my empty space with stuff. Lots of stuff. It didn't matter what it was, but it was a lot of thrifted clothing.

I love thrift stores and the thrill of the hunt became a distraction.

Then the stuff got out of hand. Overcrowded closets, overflowing storage bins, piles and piles of stuff in every corner.

I couldn't take it anymore and felt like I was drowning.

I have only received a few items in exchange, and most of them are gifts for others.

My house is cleaner, and so is my soul. The clutter was an eyesore, but it was also anxiety inducing.

Thanks to Yerdle, I can breathe again!" 

Do you have a Yerdle story?