A Yerdle Story: Decluttering My Dorm Room

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Jacob W. from Belgrade, MT, shares how he discovered Yerdle and why he tells college friend’s about the “amazing resource.” Here’s Jacob’s story:

“I first noticed Yerdle advertised whilst scrolling through Facebook about a month ago. Always interested in the next opportunity to sell things I no longer need and also find items I'd love to have, I immediately was wondering what the heck this "Shop Freely" app was all about.

As soon as I figured my way around the concept of Yerdle's mission to part with what you have cluttering your home by sending it to somebody willing to take it off of your hands, I was hooked! (I believe it's referred to as having Yerdle-mania).

As a Southern Oregon college student living on campus, there were a ton of items (clothes, trinkets, collectibles, etc) I had been accumulating in my tight little living space! They had to go, and frankly I didn't really know of any resources in my area to rid of these items besides the dumpster.

By using Yerdle's simple listing and shipping processes, I was boxing up my old items and sending them off to UPS nearly every day! This was very helpful to me as I could not see myself clearing out the entirety of my dorm by the end of the term before summer hit with my busy schedule.

Since discovering Yerdle, I became a "Pro Yerdler" in a matter of weeks and encouraged those I know on campus in similar situations to take advantage of this amazing resource!”

You never know how your actions will impact another person’s journey. Yerdle allows you to broaden your impact from the comfort of your home. Do you have a Yerdle story to share?