A Yerdle Story: Downsizing My Storage Unit to Give and Save

Amber S. from Pennsylvania says that Yerdle helped her clear out the majority of her storage unit. Here’s Amber’s story:

"Yerdle is amazing, but more than anything, the people who founded Yerdle are amazing.  

Not just because of the unique idea in itself, but because of the mission, the drive, and the impact.

You can't be a part of the Yerdle Community if you are not a kind, good person.  

I have a 13-year-old son and I've held on to everything he’s had since he was a baby.

I don't like to consider myself a hoarder, maybe more of an organized packrat, as I don't have a problem 'letting go.'  

Maybe for a few of the more personal items, of course, but not for all the Sesame Street Toys, baby clothes, and preschool games.  

We neatly packed all of that stuff and put it in storage. I thought about it constantly and figured that I should do something with the items that we outgrew.

What good is it sitting there boxed up in storage when someone can find use with it, and why am I paying storage fees when I don't really need to?  

Year in and year out this stayed on my mind and more things accumulated in storage.  

Finally, like a dream come true, the answer to all of my problems was revealed, Yerdle.  

Because really, yes there is Ebay, yard sales, and flea markets, but none of those ideas really appealed to me, or motivated me to do anything about my growing mountain of stuff.  

I didn't really care about making money off the items because the tiny personal attachment I had for the items mattered more than making money.  

I'd be able to part with my items with more ease, knowing that someone else would appreciate and use them.

Throughout the years, I would ask friends and family if they wanted things I had in storage.  

Occasionally I was able to give away something to a close friend or family member, but not enough times to rid myself of all our 'no longer in use stuff.'

But Yerdle gave me an opportunity to do just that.

Every time I give an item away on Yerdle, I get that rewarding feeling and more!

I get positive reviews and emails telling me exactly how much they appreciate it and I just feel great.

It's so motivating that I've cleaned out almost my entire storage. I have been spending so much time sorting and posting.

Once I give away the rest of my 'no longer in use' items, I'll never need a storage unit again."

Has Yerdle made your life easier? We'd love to hear your Yerdle story.