A Yerdle Story: How a Family of 5 Kicked Clutter to the Curb

Jihi J. from Los Angeles, CA shares an inspiring story about how her and her family are living a clutter free life in their Airstream trailer. Here’s Jihi’s story:

“I recently moved into an Airstream trailer with my husband and 3 young children. I had to get rid of 80% of the stuff we had from living in a three story condo.

I gave away brand new cosmetics, clothes, and some electronics.

I’m finally free of clutter and living very well in our 23 foot Airstream trailer. I’m more than happy to live a minimalist lifestyle (as opposed to being a maximalist).

I found DKNY quality wool pants from Yerdle which is so awesome!

It makes me so happy to know that I’m saving resources and giving my items a longer life cycle.”

You never know how the item you’re giving can impact a fellow member. Do you have a story or tips to help new Yerdle members?