A Yerdle Story: How Our Giving Impacts Others

Garrett S. from Salisbury, NC shares a delightful story about how the Yerdle community provided him with everything he needed for school! Take a look a Garrett’s story below:

“I’m a junior at Liberty University, currently studying Graphic Design and like any college student, I wanted to save money. As a graphic designer, photography has recently been a major focus while at school. This year I started off with my Canon Rebel T5i and a Polaroid One Step. As the year went by I soon realized I would need more camera equipment that I honestly couldn't afford.

Luckily Yerdle gave me the ability to collect everything I needed for school. As of today, I have collected 4 Canon lenses, 2 Film SLR Cameras, 3 Polaroid Cameras, 2 Lens Hoods, 3 SD cards, a Tripod, 1 Seagate External Hard Drive to store photos, and many other miscellaneous photography items, all from Yerdle!

I have easily saved over $800 and through the loving Yerdle community, I was able to complete the semester with everything I needed. I just wanted to thank Yerdle as well as the awesome givers who made my school semester possible. I couldn't do it without you!”

You never know how your actions will impact another person’s journey. Yerdle allows you to broaden your impact from the comfort of your home.

Do you have a Yerdle story to share?