A Yerdle Story: Moms Helping Moms


Amanda S. from Ohio, shares an inspiring story about how Yerdle enabled her to buy baby clothes for her children. Here’s Amanda's story:

“I'm a poor mom - aren't we all?

When I was pregnant with my son (who’s now 3 and took 10 plus years to conceive!) I couldn't afford to shop for baby stuff.

It was the happiest time of my life, but I feel that I missed out on some of the fun because of my financial predicament. It was very depressing to see all the cute baby stuff and not be able to afford it.

Finances are a teeny bit better now so I can actually shop a little for my daughter (due in June). I still have to be thrifty of course, but just being able to choose something myself is very empowering.

Thanks to Yerdle I have bought piles and piles of baby clothes for next to nothing!

I've given 400+ items and earned many free shipping credits that made it much less expensive to provide for my son and the new baby.

Thank you to Yerdle & all the moms that give their unneeded baby/kid stuff on Yerdle. It goes to deserving homes and is appreciated more than you know!"

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