A Yerdle Story: My Grandmother Was a Levi’s Seamstress

Michelle V. from Los Angeles, shares her personal account of what Levi’s means to her and her family. Here’s Michelle’s story:

"Every Levi’s item has a story. While my Levi’s 515 jeans could tell you the places they’ve been, to me, Levi's is more of a part of my family history.

In the 1940s my grandparents had a house in San Francisco’s Mission District, where my father grew up.

During this time, my grandmother worked as a seamstress in the Levi’s factory, and as you can imagine, my father had his share of Levi’s jeans.

He learned about the durability of Levi’s while sliding down San Francisco’s steep hills down to Playland.

One could argue that using your feet as breaks down hills is not the greatest idea, but that’s not the point here. This a true testament that Levi’s jeans were meant to last.

To me, the Levi’s brand symbolizes a family history in San Francisco and a revolutionary product with durability built into every pair.

Although I have Levi’s items that are less loved or old to me, giving them on Yerdle extends the lifetime of my items and allows someone else to experience the joy that comes with wearing quality items that are built to last.

And that symbolizes what Yerdle is to me, a system of removing items that I never use, and finding treasures that I will enjoy for months, if not years to come."

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