A Yerdle Story: My Levi’s Jeans Saved Me

Kelly M. from Florida shares a humorous, light hearted story about how Levi’s saved her from what could have been a nasty dog bite. Here’s Kelly’s story:

“Last Year while visiting my mother and her new beastly dogs, I attempted to walk into her house; the same house I grew up in.

Her giant mutt cornered me and as I tried to get away, he bit me right in the backside!

Luckily I was wearing a brand new pair of Levi's, and while I was bruised pretty badly from the bite, my pants escaped with only two tiny holes.

I’m lucky I was wearing my Levi's because I am sure that if I was wearing a different pair of jeans, they would’ve been torn to shreds.

I really feel that my Levi’s jeans protected me from her dog puncturing my skin. I walked away with only a bruise.”

        The bottom saving Levi's

        The bottom saving Levi's