A Yerdle Story: My New Addiction

Jen Y. joined Yerdle back in January and “quickly became addicted.” Here’s Jen’s story:

“I ran into yerdle after finishing a life-changing session of continuing education in sustainable fashion. I graduated with a degree in fashion almost 20 years ago when that topic didn't exist.

After so many years of my professional contributions to excess consumerism in the world of product development, I was looking for a change. I started with professional studies courses, including 2 summers at FIT in NYC, where I learned about both the detriment of the apparel industry and the hope in people making positive changes.

Once I learned about the amount of waste the industry I work in is responsible for, I decided to buy secondhand or from sustainable brands. I came across Yerdle through Levi's who was a part of my sustainable studies.

I love the simple trading aspect and quickly became addicted. Whenever I "need" something, I check Yerdle first and add to the wish list if it’s not out there yet. Some of my favorite Yerdles include my essential oil locket, tortilla press, sprializer, and of course Levi's jeans!”

You never know how the item you’re giving can impact a fellow member. Do you have a story or tips to help new Yerdle members?