A Yerdle Story: Remembering Our Journey

Teri H. from Alabama shares an emotional story about how Yerdle reminded her to be in the moment and watch her daughter’s journey closely. Here’s Teri’s story:

“I’ve been using Yerdle for about 3 months; I fell in love with the giving experience. Posting an item, someone getting it, and then packing and mailing it off, was so fulfilling to me.

I love to take things that are meant to be garbage and transform them into something beautiful that people will enjoy.

The thought of my old clothes, shoes, and some things I’d never worn bringing someone happiness and finally being used, was exciting to me.

It’s no wonder the Every 25 Challenge intrigued me so much!

The Every 25 Challenge

I had already went through my entire wardrobe and really had nothing left, so I started going through my 12-year-old daughter JJ’s closet.

I also decided to sift through her baby clothes. As I began to organize the clothes that JJ outgrew, I was reminded of how much she had grown.

A 6 month onesie to a girls size 7. The real shocker came when I laid one of her preemie outfits on top of the pile, a little outfit with matching hat and socks.

The contrast between a preemie dress and a size 7 dress is amazing!

Remembering Our Journey

I sat down and began to cry. I thought about where the time went. It seems like just yesterday the doctors introduced me and my husband to our beautiful, 2lb 13oz baby girl.

All those days in the NICU; all the machines and tests. The doctors were astonished that JJ was doing as well as she was.

Then, after 31 days, they gave my husband and I this 4lb baby to bring home.

Looking at JJ’s clothes that night, I was reminded of my daughters progression in life. She started out as a strong, stubborn, 2lb fireball, that was not going to give up.

JJ has always been the smallest in her class and she still is. Although she’s 12, she barely fits in a size 8; she makes up for it with her huge personality and big mouth. She’s my little clone.

Going through JJ’s wardrobe taught me to watch her progression more closely. From a preteen to a teenager, from a young adult to an adult.

I’m not looking forward to it because she's my baby and always will be. It's hard to think about her leaving the nest one day. What would I do with myself then?

Thank you Yerdle for making me realize that life goes by very fast and I want to catch all of my daughter growing up.

I also learned that I'm a huge sentimental baby that just cannot part with any of the baby clothes. I'm going to find someway to do something with them.

Thanks Yerdle, you’ve done a lot for me.”

Did you Yerdle experience remind you of a valuable life lesson? We'd love to hear your Yerdle story.