A Yerdle Story: Take What You Want and Yerdle the Rest

Steven T. from Flint, Michigan, shares a story about how he went from testing out the Yerdle platform, to promoting it to his neighbors and friends. Here’s Steven’s story:

"I started using Yerdle about a year and a half ago. I saw an ad on Facebook and thought I'd give it a shot. I had moved in with my now fiancé, 2 and a half years prior, and still had not unpacked most of my stuff.

My fiance's house is very small and we live with his mom. I have a tiny spot in the dining room for my desk and the bedroom is the only other place that I can store my belongings, so obviously I had to get rid of a lot of stuff.

Before using Yerdle I had tried doing garage sales to get rid of my excess stuff, but most of it would end up back in the house after the sale. I went around my bedroom/desk/and the huge totes of stuff still unpacked and began making a Yerdle pile.

Apparently I had some really good stuff because I was making daily trips to the Dropbox and UPS store. My pile dwindled as the weeks went by and I was having so much fun doing it, I began inviting others to join me.

One creative way of getting people to sign up was sharing Yerdle at garage sales.I would tell people about Yerdle and send them a text with my referral link.

My neighborhood also has a Facebook group and I started posting about Yerdle there as well. Recently we had a neighborhood garage sale and toward the end of the sale, I encouraged people to post their unsold items on Yerdle.

I warned people about donating to Goodwill because I was a former employee and I’ve witnessed how the donated items are handled. Most of the stuff gets thrown away before it even enters the store. I have now given more than 200 items and my life is much simpler without all these extra things I don't need. I will continue to use Yerdle forever!

I've even told my fiancé that if I die unexpectedly, him and my family can take what they want and Yerdle the rest ( too morbid? lol).

You never know how the item you’re giving can impact a fellow member. Do you have a story or tips to help new Yerdle members?