A Yerdle Story: The Power of Giving

Sara S. in Utah, had such an incredible experience with fellow Yerdle member, Lisa F., that she wanted to recognize Lisa for her thoughtful giving! Here’s Sara’s story:

“I just have to tell you about my awesome Yerdle exchange with the item title ‘Dark Blue Long Skirt’. 

Since I already left good feedback I wasn't able to find what user gave it to me but she did an incredible job. 

I picked up my package on Valentine's Day and there was an extra necklace, skirt, and dress in the box!

Everything coordinated and the gifted skirt is now one of my favorites. 

I haven't found a way to message the giver but would love if she'd get the recognition she deserves!”

Giving is one of the most powerful principles of all time. Yerdle makes giving easier and more rewarding. Do you have a story to share?