A Yerdle Story: The Secret is the Community

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Esther Y. from Emeryville, CA shares the secret that makes giving on Yerdle, different from any other platform or organization. Here’s Esther’s story:

“My Yerdle Story is not about the material items I've given away and received, although those are pretty awesome too. But I could've done that at Goodwill/Saver's/Salvation Army, eBay, Amazon Marketplace, Craigslist, and a plethora of other online app startups. How is Yerdle different from all of these, then? The answer is beautifully simple and elegant: it's the PEOPLE.

When I started becoming active on Yerdle, I did many local pickups. People came to my house or office to pick up an item, and we'd chat about Yerdle for a few minutes and how much we loved it and were addicted to it and wanted to Yerdle everything in our houses away.

It was fun to meet these people and hear their stories. I made my first friend from Yerdle this way - Christine L. (shoutout!). We liked each other's things frequently, and she worked in the building next to mine, so we'd hop over to each other's offices. I also met Jenny J. , who lived a couple blocks away from my office, and we became friends quickly too. I introduced them to each other since they were practically neighbors, and also had a lot of common interests. Christine, Jenny, and I have completed more than 50 trades amongst ourselves since we all met!

Christine and I both became Pro Yerdlers (back then, called "ProGivers" since it was based on 50 Gives) the same day, and joined the Facebook group for Pros. It was like homecoming. Here was an awesome outlet for people to talk about Yerdle, about how much they liked it, how it had enriched their lives, ideas for making it better, or just about how happy they were that day in general. I saw a beautiful, vibrant, positive community full of people of different backgrounds, yet all brought together by the sharing economy of Yerdle.

Thanks to various Yerdle events and more in-person pickups, I met many more new friends in real life through Yerdle, including Diane Y., Stacey A., Natascha T., Charles H. , and Sylvie A. Someday I hope to meet other Yerdlers I've had great interactions with online, such as Linnette G., Melanie M., and many more.

What made it even more special and unique was that the Yerdle staff, including the co-founders, participated in this community too, and they also listened to us. I've had the honor of meeting and having great conversations with many of them in person as well. What other company gives its community such personal and direct access to the CEO? It still amazes me even after months, and I never cease to be grateful to be a part of this early, genuine community. Thank you Yerdle!”

You never know how your actions will impact another person’s journey. Yerdle allows you to broaden your impact from the comfort of your home. Do you have a Yerdle story to share?