A Yerdle Story: To Thine Own Boots Be True

Heidi K. from NYC shares an interesting story about how she found Yerdle and why she was thrilled with her first Yerdle purchase. Here’s Heidi’s story:

“I am a busker (street performer) of the NYC Subways and I go through 'busking boots' like water; on average, I go through 1 pair every 4-6 months.

A friend of mine who runs a high end consignment shoppe told me about Yerdle & I signed up; I was very intrigued.

The next week, knowing how I love my busking boots, she texted me a listing of a pair available in a size pretty close to my own.

Since it's Yerdle dollars, I really had nothing to lose by purchasing them as my first Yerdle purchase.

The boots arrived and even though they were 1 size larger than my normal size 6, they fit perfectly and are beyond comfy.

I was (and still am) thrilled at having a new pair of 'busking boots' and this time, unlike all the others I've owned, they're actually real leather. Fancy.

Who knows, perhaps since these are the 'real deal' they'll last longer than my normal 6 months!  Thank you Yerdle.”

You never know how the item you’re giving can impact a fellow member. Do you have a story or tips to help new Yerdle members?