A Yerdle Story: Turning Grief into Good

Amie C. from Indiana Shares a heartfelt message about honoring a loved one's legacy by giving. Here's Amie's story:

"I found Yerdle while working through round 1 of the KonMarie Method. It became a terrific outlet to upcycle the items I no longer needed. 

Finding someone who truly wants or need what I have to give is particularly satisfying for me. I know the item will be used and loved, and not end up in a landfill prematurely (or ever).

But then Yerdle became something else.

It became a way to share my late mother's last few belongings - the ones I still could not part with 7 years after her untimely passing - but that I did not use.

It became a way to share her beautiful and classy sense of style with other people who would appreciate it and in that way, carry on her legacy.

Sharing my mother's silver vanity set, Victorian Christmas tree ornaments, jewelry, and many other items helped me continue to process my grief and to turn a loss into something good.

I also lost a great aunt many years ago. She was a gifted quilter, and left us with so much more than we could use.

So, I gave a vintage quilted pillow to a young mother, whose daughter squeezed it with a delight upon opening the box. That is pure joy.

Yerdle is more than an app to me. It's a movement to take better care of one another."

Do you have a Yerdle Story about how you helped someone in need?