A Yerdle Story: Yerdle is a Lifestyle in Our Household


Patricia W. says that Yerdle has become a lifestyle in her household. Here's her story:

"I found out about Yerdle through an Internet pop-up ad and downloaded the app the last week of October 2015.

I knew I needed to downsize and make room for the wonderful 7 year-old girl I had just adopted.

Considering that I'm disabled and almost senior, I had lots of things in the corners and shelves of my closets.

Yerdle seemed like the perfect way to find others who would could use the things I no longer wanted. Funny thing is, I found and love many things on Yerdle as well.

For instance, I started my first-ever designer purse collection and I love it.

I got purses for myself and my daughter and she even got her first designer bag for Christmas; of course she got Barbies too.

Yerdle has introduced me to wonderful people who’ve impacted my life. Yerdlers made bundles for my daughter and I so that I could get her new clothes. This is a great help when you're on a fixed income.

I just need to stop "GETTING " every week and work on cleaning out more items. But the hunt is so much fun.

My daughter and I love getting Yerdle boxes and opening them together. Every time I get something from the "regular " store my little one asks if I got it from Yerdle. We are a Yerdle family.

I wish I knew about Yerdle years ago, it would have saved me so many trips to the thrift stores.

I love having everything at my fingertips all hours of the day."

Has Yerdle become a lifestyle in your household? Yerdle makes giving easier and more rewarding. Do you have a Yerdle story to share?