A Yerdled Birthday Surprise

Birthdays are filled with childhood nostalgia, each year brings back memories of years past. Sabrina, a Pro Yerdler, had a unique idea to recreate the surprise she looked forward to on birthdays with the help of the Yerdle community. Here's her story: 

Every time my birthday rolls around I think about the joy of being little and the true excitement of celebrating with the yummy cake, games, and the fun gifts. Being an adult we no longer play pin the tail on the donkey, and have a piñata to bust open! (I totally wish I did though) -so anyways since I couldn't yerdle myself a 90s throwback surprise party- haha I still love gift surprises. I thought about the fun and happiness you get from a little gift because it's a surprise- you don't know what it is until you tear the paper off and see! I love that feeling. The feeling of a gift from a complete stranger was even better because it would really be something different. You Yerdle folk have never met me! (besides a couple local pickups) and by you not knowing me and giving me a gift and picking items by some ideas I threw out on the yerdle Facebook page was just such a unique idea I thought why not?! So as you see I got a BUNCH of random little gifts of happiness. Each yerdled gift put a smile on my face for my 24th birthday. It was such a fun idea, being able to celebrate and get fun surprise boxes filled with little goodies that made me happy and feel good because they were all yerdled! Yay Yerdle, and yay birthdays!

- Sabrina R. 

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