About Co-Founder Carl Tashian

carl tashian Carl Tashian is co-founder and VP of engineering at yerdle.

A software developer and interaction designer, he has been building tools for the sharing economy since before it had a name. As senior engineer joining the founding team at Zipcar in 2001, Tashian built and scaled the company’s innovative technology as it grew from 25 cars in Cambridge, MA. Tashian wrote the code that unlocks your Zipcar. His engineering and design work shaped the DNA of the company. He developed Zipcar’s Six Simple Rules, designed and built the company’s customer service intranet. He was also responsible for day-to-day technology operations, including highly available network, system, and Oracle database infrastructure design and administration.

Tashian started writing software when he was 14, and his How Do They Do That With HTML?, in 1995, was one of the most widely-read references on the subject, with millions of visitors at the dawn of the Web. While at Case Western, Tashian started a social network popular at the university calledhome.cwru.edu and was hired by the school to develop and maintain it.

As Director of Technology at Participatory Politics Foundation, Tashian led a small, distributed team developing OpenGovernment.org, which seeks to bring transparency and civic engagement in state politics, supported with a grant from the Sunlight Foundation.

His work has been featured in the New York Times, Dwell, Paper Magazine, Studio 360, the New Yorker blog, Hacker News, and Fast Company.

He co-founded OurGoods.org, a New York-based bartering network for creative professionals founded in 2009. OurGoods received a Rockefeller Foundation Cultural Innovation grant in 2011.

Tashian received a BSE in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.