An Aesthetics Guide: Posting on Yerdle

A photo is worth a thousand words, and never is it more true than on yerdle. Posting your item with an eye for detail can make all the difference in how much attention your post gets. As yerdle's resident merchant and photographer I'm here to guide you in making your posts as beautiful as they can be.


Most of what I'm going to tell you here will be centered around how you photograph your items. Your photos are the closest yerdle members can get to your item. You want to make sure it's seen in its best light, literally.



Is the first step and key to good photography. For good results, you'll want to shoot in natural indirect lighting. Your best bet for this is a lightly shaded space during the day. Avoid photographing your items with flash or in direct sunlight, it will often show shadows or harsh details that don't compliment the object.

Soft, indirect lighting


Avoid flash & low-light



The natural habitat:

...of your object can sometimes be the best place to photograph it. An espresso machine photographed in your kitchen vs. your floor gives it more life. A tent put together in your backyard gives better perspective.





Avoid cluttered backgrounds:

They take away from your object as a focal point. Instead, find clean simple spaces or textures. Wood floors, stone, your garden bench or a brick background can all be great places.

Cluttered vs. Non-Cluttered


Textures & Backgrounds



Use style & framing: how you present your object. Get creative by using symmetry and working with different placement. Make sure to photograph the entire item and leave some padding between your object and the edge of the photo.

Style & Layout






Details details details!

The cover photo should always be your best, but make sure to include additional photos that give perspective, model numbers, signs of long-term use and anything else one would want to know about the item you're giving.

details copy




Tell a story about your item. Where has it been with you? Why are you passing it on? Tell us how you use it and any quirks or perks it might have. Add a touch of humor. A good description tells you a lot about the gifter, their attention to detail and thusly, how they treat their things.