An Unlikely Love for an Avid Shopper


Whether it's taking on a new challenge or saving a few buckaroos, the reasons that bring people to Yerdle are countless. Why they stay, however, is always a new found love. Here's Kayla's story: 

When I first started the Unshopping Challenge, I thought it would be silly. Not buying anything for an entire month seemed like a real challenge. But I went ahead and tried it. At first it was really hard for me, I *love* shopping. Period. I've never really had an issue with online shopping, because I'm an instant gratification type of person. I started listing all my old stuff on Yerdle and got hits on it immediately. I got excited because I acquired some Yerdle dollars to spend...and boy did I. I bought my son and husband some clothes and a purse for myself. Once I got the hang of how everything works, I loved it. I wish the guidelines on types of boxes were a little less strict though. But other than that I'm happy with my experience and proud to say I'm a Pro-Yerdler.

- Kayla A.

Could you go 30 days without buying anything new?