Announcing the newest causes for the Yerdle Fund

Congratulations to our latest Yerdle Fund recipients! We believe the Yerdle community will make a huge impact on these organizations.

They are:

  • Kathleen Beale, Cortland County SPCA
  • Foram Jasani, Covenant House Shelter of New Jersey
  • Eve Hiatt, Kentucky Refugee Ministries: offering services and programs to refugees
  • Alice Chen, Recycled Reads, Austin Public Library

The Yerdle Fund was established in 2015 to support impact-worthy causes our community cares about. We donate Yerdle Dollars and a shipping stipend to Cause Leaders so they can “shop” for needed items on Yerdle.

Posting items for causes is a great way to involve your family and friends in the Yerdle community. Tell them what you're up to and help people declutter their coats, shoes, books, hygiene and craft supplies, for great causes.

Yerdle Fund Causes Wishlists

Cortland County SPCA

  • 40 large Kong dog toys
  • 10 cases of cat food
  • 3- and 5-tab file folders
  • Please see this article for a more complete list

Covenant House

  • 150 sets of professional clothing (a set is shirt/trouser and/or blazer)
  • 100 sets of hygiene products (this is a great way to clear out your sample & hotel sized personal care items. Preferred that lots/bundles be 5+ lbs to maximize the grant and provide more for the shelter)
  • Please see this article for a more complete list

Kentucky Refugee Ministries

  • 20 sets of twin or full bed sheets
  • 20 sets of towels (bath, hand, washcloth)
  • 5 sets basic kitchen utensils
  • Clothes for children of all ages (lots & bundles only please)
  • 15 sets coats, hats & scarves for school-aged children
  • Please see this article for a more complete list

Austin Reads

  • 200 books, all types
  • 200 DVDs, all types
  • 25 large lots of assorted craft supplies
  • Please see this article for a more complete list

Thank you to our 90 applicants and our 4 recipients. Please be on the lookout for Yerdle Fund themed posting parties from now until the end of February.

How to post items for a Yerdle Fund Cause

  • Please use the hashtag #yerdlefund when posting.

  • Please post listings that contain more than one item. A package of two coats, or a coat, hat, and gloves, helps the cause leaders spend their grants wisely. The YRD grant and shipping stipend allows for roughly 50 packages from Yerdle.

  • All items that are claimed for the Yerdle Fund count toward all Yerdle posting promotions.

  • We will host posting parties from now until the end of February to remind you what is on the causes’ wishlists.

Support a cause!