Announcing Yerdle on Android!

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Yerdle for Android is here! Post a pic of stuff you don't need, and earn Yerdle Dollars to shop for what you do. Yerdle members gave away 200,000 free items in 2014, and saved $3.5 million on things they needed. We couldn't be happier to welcome folks with Android phones to the community.

Here's what Lifehacker and Android Police are saying about the Yerdle App.


Check out our press release below for full details.



Android Users Gain Access to Yerdle Unshopping Experience

With Platform Ubiquity, Yerdle Advances Mission:

Slash Traditional Shopping by 25%

More Joy, Less Stuff

San Francisco, April 13 - Yerdle, the store where you post a pic of your unused stuff and get the things you need, today became available on the Android mobile operating system, making Yerdle’s unique unshopping* experience available to tens of millions of mobile device users who are desperate to change their relationship to stuff.

Across the United States, Americans are struggling to manage mountains of high quality, unused stuff, filling their closets, attics, garages, and the space under the bed. At the same time, much of this unused stuff is in great shape and can be put to good use by someone who needs it.

By connecting people drowning in clutter with others who can put that clutter to use, Yerdle is cracking open consumerism and introducing a new behavior to the retail marketplace: The idea of unshopping* a stranger’s closet.

“We created Yerdle with the very specific mission of reducing waste and trash,” said Adam Werbach, Yerdle co-founder and Head of Outreach. “So far, we’ve helped people save over $3 million on items that weren’t being used - and that they got for free. Connecting the idea of reuse with a mobile ‘unshopping’* experience is a new consumer behavior, and we’re excited that Android users will now be able to enjoy the benefits.”

How Yerdle works:

  • Step 1: Post a pic of something that you know has value, but is not useful to you anymore. Let It Go.
  • Step 2: One of the hundreds of thousands of unshoppers on Yerdle will see your post, and it’s just what they’ve always wanted. They’ll give you Yerdle Reuse Dollars (get 25 YRD just for signing up) to get it.
  • Step 3: Ship it to its new home. The receiver pays shipping.
  • Step 4: Enjoy the benefits of having cleared space in your life, while making someone else happy.
  • Get Yerdle on Android today in the Google Play Store.

Yerdle is also available on iOS in the Apple Store.

Or unshop Yerdle the new old-fashioned way on the Web.

*Unshopping, v.: 1. The act of letting go of things you don’t really need anymore; the opposite of hoarding. 2. The act of acquiring the things you need from someone else, without going to a store or spending any money. 3. A behavior change that shifts consumerism away from waste, and toward a more sustainable, less expensive lifestyle.