April Challengers, You're Awesome!

April Y4M Challengers Rock!

207 Challengers rocked April's Unshopping Challenge. Woohoo! 

These champs vowed not to buy anything new for the month of April and gave used items a second wind. As pioneers in creating a culture of reuse and less waste, we celebrate their accomplishment because their participation made a huge impact. Hats off to you guys!


Throughout the month, the challengers shared triumphs, temptations, and reflections. Here's some unshopping inspiration for current and prospective challengers.

“I have managed to get all the birthday gifts I need for April off Yerdle. I have bought absolutely nothing new at all. I am finding that there is really nothing new that I need.” — Monica M.

“Guess what I did today! I actually went to Walmart and bought food ONLY! Do you know how hard that is for me?…I did not venture away from the grocery side of the store.” — Sissy S.

“Not buying things new has been instinctual for me since I was a broke college student. Now, however, it's all about a life-style decision; not so much about financial limits. It really shows a waste-free dedication when you choose to delay gratification by searching for that item used versus the immediate convenience of buying it new. Great job so far everyone, we're half-way through ‪#‎Y4M Keep it up”Melissa R

 "I got my haircut on Saturday and had to walk though a mall, and then went grocery shopping in another strip mall. It was scary, but I persevered."— Caryn B.

Could you take the challenge?