This Holiday, Be the Light: Give 1, Get $5 YRD

This week, Yerdle member Rosie W. beautifully expressed how many of us feel about the holidays: "This is what Christmas should be. A little tree lined up with gifts for others." Yerdle brings so many gifts; and most are for the giver. Redefine your holiday and spread the cheer of this message this weekend. Every item you give will make someone's holiday brighter and earn you $5 bonus Yerdle dollars.

  • Items must be posted Thursday 11/12 through Sunday 11/15 11:59PM PST and claimed by Sunday 11/22 at 11:59PM PST.

  • Every item you post 11/12-11/15 that is claimed by 11/22, earns you $5 Yerdle dollars. There is no limit on how many items you can post - if they're re-homed, you'll receive the bonus!

  • Pros ARE eligible to participate in this promotion. Gives also count toward this promotion AND the Pro-only promo. 

  • Bonus Yerdle dollars will be awarded by Tuesday 11/24.

  • No hashtag required.  

For posting inspiration, check out 30 days of #YerdleLove -- the wishes listed are items people in the Yerdle community are asking for. Make someone's holiday, grant their wish!