The Story Behind Hailey's Book Art

Yerdle is valuable to each person for a different reason, Hailey's story is bound to inspire each of us to explore our inner creative.

I am an avid reader and Yerdle has definitely aided in my addiction to buy books of all kinds. I have gotten books for my children, friends, family and way too many for myself (or so I'm told)! My home is filled with book shelves bursting at the seams.
When I came across the folded book art designs I absolutely fell in love. Not only did my overflowing bookshelves now have fun and decorative designs adorning them but they screamed of personality. I could make any design my heart desired and I couldn't help but share my love of books and art together with the world.
When I found Yerdle I was instantly hooked. What better way to get items that are pre-loved and to clean out my home and give my pre-loved items new homes! I gave and gave and gave until I thought I had no more to give. I had a couple of my book art pieces that I was ready to part with so on to Yerdle they went.  I was honestly surprised with how much love they received from the community. They were snagged up so quickly I was completely flattered. I had several messages asking if I had more and where they could get one. I had a woman send me a message that she was getting married and she would love to have some books of mine for her centerpieces. Whoa! What an honor to assist in someone's special day!
I have since made some of the most amazing custom items for sports fans like this Female Runner and Minnesota Vikings Helmet, Halloween decorations like the Skull and Crossbones,Witch and Jack the Skeleton, nautical themed items like this sailboat and anchor and the most unique request yet of theAtlas Bone from the neck for a Chiropractic student.
I have been told again and again that I could make 'real money' on my custom book orders that I am taking. Don't get me wrong, I've considered it, but Yerdle money has proven to be more valuable to me. Most of my books come from Yerdle gives. Both of my kids have brand new wardrobes for the school year from Yerdle. My husband and I have been amazed at how many wonderful things we have gotten that we use on a daily basis from a new juicer to home decorations and even some food items.   
Yerdle is the new and improved way to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and it truly feels amazing to be a part of this amazing movement!
-Hailey D.