Brighter Days Filled With Smiles

Scratch the surface of the Yerdle community and meet a whole new world. We recently met Pro Yerdler, Andy, who competes in the world of dressage, which is the highest expression of horse training. Here is his story:

I'm 36 and a native of Ohio where I am based for my main profession as an FEI (international) Dressage trainer and rider. I travel the Midwest and East Coast teaching, coaching, and training.

Close to four years ago, I had an accident while showing. I fell and the horse came down on me and my ankle was destroyed. I spent the first two years in various casts, had numerous procedures and ended up developing a rare nerve disease in that ankle and leg due to mismanagement of the injury. It's coming up to the four year anniversary and still the doctors are reluctant to let me back on a horse. Long story short, it causes severe pain, insomnia, and of course depression among other things. I've continued to teach and coach but most nights it keeps me awake.

Recently, my sleeplessness was really getting the best of me and there's only so much you can do in the middle of the night. I started designing and making bracelets and other jewelry for family and friends and sending it to them just to brighten their day. I wanted to give them a small reason to smile. A good friend suggested designing and selling both custom and pre-made designs. StarFire was born.

Yerdle has played a huge role in the development of the business. The Pro community has been so supportive to me in so many ways; from display busts and ramps (from fellow Pro Kim R.) for the pieces, to beautiful gems, pendants, and charms (from Pros Melanie M, Kim R., and several others) to jewelry boxes, and supplies -- our community at Yerdle has had a major role in the startup and continuation of StarFire. With all the amazing Pros' help in locating materials and unique items for me to use in the designs, I get to keep purchase prices lower on most pieces and I get to make more people smile everyday. That's the whole reason for this venture, like why we all Yerdle, to make others smile.

- Andy 

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