Canned Responses for Quick Communication




Reaching out to the winners of your yerdle items can get repetitive when having to type the same response over and over. Here's a great trick for you to give your fingers a break.


Enter, Google's 'Canned Responses' and get all your communication done quick and painless.



So how does it work? You save different responses with separate titles. That way, anytime you go to respond to an email, you can just pick the saved response you want and it pops it in for you. No typing (or thinking) necessary.

canned screenshot 3


How to install it in your Gmail inbox:


1. Enable 'Canned responses'

  • Go to 'settings'
  • Select the 'Labs' tab
  • Enable 'canned responses' - its the very first option in Labs

canned screenshot

canned screenshot 2

2. Start saving your 'Canned responses'

    • Type up your standard reply email (or copy and paste it from a previous email) in a new 'compose email' screen.
    • Once it's all written, select the down arrow on the bottom right of the compose email menu ("more options").
    • Second from the top, you'll see Canned responses
  • Scroll over it to get the options 'Insert', 'Save', and 'Delete'
  • Under Save, select 'New Canned Response'
  • Give it a title and select save
  • Next time you go in, you can grab that response from the 'Insert' section any time you wanna shoot an email out


I hope this helps you all get in touch with your fellow yerdlers quick and easy, so you can save your energy for your bidding wars! ;)