Catch up on Spring Cleaning, Earn Free Shipping

If you're anything like most taxpayers, you'd go without preparing and filing your tax returns if you had the choice. 

Whether you’re counting on a hefty tax refund or dreading filing because you might owe Uncle Sam money, let Yerdle help you take your mind off taxes by decluttering your home and freeing up some mental space. 

All month long, we've been guiding our community, item by item, through the #SpringCleanWithYerdle challenge. Community members have let go of jewelry they've never worn, sports equipment that hasn't been used in years, and old (but good) books that have occupied their bookshelves for as long as they can remember.

This weekend, catch up on spring cleaning by posting at least one item in each of the current nine categories and we'll grant you one Free Shipping Credit. 

Feel the freedom of being done with your taxes and getting rid of the things you no longer use! 

Catch up by posting items for the following hashtag categories:

  • #SpringCleanSilly
  • #SpringCleanNecklaces
  • #SpringCleanRain
  • #SpringCleanBaking
  • #SpringCleanSports
  • #SpringCleanFormal
  • #SpringCleanBooks
  • #SpringCleanWorkOut
  • #SpringCleanGadgets

The Fine Print: Post at least one item in each of the nine categories with the corresponding hashtag to earn one Free Shipping Credit. Qualifying items must be posted between April 15th, 2016 through April 17th, 2016 at 11:59 PM PST to receive a Free Shipping Credit on Monday, April 18th. Limit to the first 300 members.