Checklist: Everything You Need to Stock Your Kitchen

wooden spoons

wooden spoons A well equipped kitchen is almost a thing of beauty. While there is an initial cost to getting it up and running, once you have it, it can save you a lot of money in the longterm. For example, cooking at home is a lot cheaper than eating out; it's also healthier.

As a food blogger, I took a long hard look at what I have (and what I want) and listed it all here. Listed are essential items for prepping, cooking, baking some of my favorite dishes. Also for hosting. Because the best thing you can stock your kitchen with is family and friends!




  • Measuring cups & spoons - Personally, I find having duplicates is helpful and saves on time. Make sure you get them for dry goods and liquids.
  • Mixing bowls - Bowls with high sides are ideal.
  • Cookie sheet - Get a sheet with some heft to it as thinner ones will warp over time.
  • Cake pans - This is a nice to have but if you want, you can just use a baking dish.
  • Baking dish - Casseroles, lasagna, cakes and cobblers. This is a must have for sure!


  • Mixing spoons - I prefer the wooden variety here.
  • Whisks - A large one for omelets and a smaller one for smaller tasks like condiments or cocktails.
  • Serving ladle - How else you going to get that soup?
  • Potato masher - A must have for mashed potatoes or guacamole.
  • Funnels - Wether cooking or saving leftovers, these help reduce on mess.
  • Spatula - I like the silicone variety. You can use it to cook with or mix with.
  • Tongs - These are perfect for blanching vegetables or just moving any items around in the oven.
  • Colander - Whether draining pasta or rinsing veggies, this is a must have.
  • Thermometer - It's good to know the real temperature of your oven as it will save you some frustration.
  • Oven mitts - I like the silicone ones here too.


  • Dishes - Well, duh. But I find you can get by with dinner and salad plates. No other sizes needed.
  • Bowls - Picking a size that is good for soup or cereal is ideal.
  • Glassware - An 8 oz. glass is ideal. You can use it for water, wine, cocktails and what not. Pint glasses are also quite versatile.
  • Mugs - If you cannot pick the perfect bowl, consider using your mug for soup.
  • Flatware - Pretty basic here. You are going to need fork, spoons and knives.