Clean your gadgets: Tips for safely sharing your data-holding devices

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Yerdle's a great place to recycle your unused electronics. However, it's super important to remember that these devices can hold personal information--sometimes a lot more than you may think. We want to make sure that all of your sharing is safe and protected, so please take these few steps to ensure that you're not handing out any important, private information.

  1. Back up your content--Make sure to backup anything you want to keep before clearing all your data. You can either do this with an external drive, or with a cloud service saving
  2. Check for all removable media--You never know what could still be hanging out in your devices--double check and remove any card readers, SIM cards, SD cards, etc.
  3. Wipe your data--Do a secure wipe on any personal computers. This will both remove your content and re-write your data--learn how to wipe your hard drive.
  4. Factory reset--Do a factory reset for your smart phones and tablets. It's a little different for Apple versus other smart devices.
  • For iOS--If you have a passcode enabled, your data is automatically encrypted on your iOS devices. To erase that data, just go to Settings, then General, then Reset.
  • For Android and other devices--You may need to manually encrypt your data for Android devices. The process can vary between devices, so here's a great resource on how to encrypt your data with your Android, smart phone, or even your game console.


Sharing our electronics is not only economically smart, but it's environmentally crucial. We really encourage you to reuse these devices, so as long as we all protect our private information, we can carry on to sharing our gadgets. Yerdle on.