Cleaners and Candy--Compliments of Your Compost Bin


Tossing leftover lemon rinds and orange peels into the compost bin is a great way to recycle.  But you can take re-use to the next level by thinking “outside the can” when it comes to citrus skins.  Check out these fresh ideas for turning lemon, orange and grapefruit peels into cleaning products, candy and a therapeutic tea with a sun-kissed flavor.  

Kitchen Cleaners From Citrus Skins 
The smell of fresh oranges and grapefruits is reason enough to recycle citrus in your home.  But even better--these DIY kitchen cleansers will leave surfaces shiny clean and good enough to eat--make that, eat off of.

Homade Organge Cleaner.jpg

Sweet Treat With Orange (and Lemon) “A-Peel”
Combine the good works of Vitamin C with the sweet charm of a little chocolate and you’ve got a guilt-free candy treat that looks almost too pretty to eat.


Orange Tea for Curing Coughs
A summertime cold is no fun.  Neither is the nagging cough that can come with a high pollen count.  A cup of orange tea can help soothe a sore throat and give you a shot of vitamin sunshine that’ll boost your immune system and your spirits.