Creating a Self-Sustaining Yerdle

Dear Yerdle Community,

Yerdle’s community-driven growth continues to astound us. Yerdle grew from 5,000 items in the store in January to almost 50,000 today. 150,000 items were exchanged in that time. We are about to reach 500,000 members. We are so proud of where we are today, and we can see a bright future: a time when everyone in the world shares our ambition to reuse the items around them.

We find ourselves at an important moment: Yerdle has been operating at a loss since its founding, and that is not sustainable.  Yerdle can't operate without earning enough money to cover our costs. Now is the time for Yerdle to sustain itself in order to radically increase the number of items available to you and the rest of the world.

Over the past two months, we’ve investigated ways for Yerdle to sustain itself that will would work best for our community, while generating enough revenue for Yerdle to operate. We brought together a group of local pros to help us review potential options. We looked at all the well-known models: membership fees, ads, service fees, and more — evaluating each option for its ability to ensure Yerdle's long term financial sustainability.

We decided to move forward with a service fee on each transaction. A service fee is the most transparent, fair, and sensible way for Yerdle to sustain itself. Starting this month, members will see a small service fee, ranging from $1 to $3, when they purchase items on Yerdle. The service fee will apply to both shipping and pick-up items. There will not be a posting fee. Read this FAQ for more info. 

I'm so grateful you're with us on the journey of building Yerdle into a world-changing reuse marketplace. As always, we welcome your feedback. Please direct your questions to


Shira Levine, Head of Community